Welcome to Embedded Fred Consulting

My name is Fred Roeber and I can help your company with pretty much any type of embedded software development project you have. For many years I worked for Raytheon and then BBN (the inventors of the internet and many other great technologies). I've written hundreds of thousands of lines of code, headed up development teams ranging from 2 to 32 people and, through it all, kept my hands dirty working on real code for real embedded systems. I was lucky and successful enough to retire young and now work on interesting projects where my unique experience can really help.

My focus is on helping you develop the right product software on time and within budget. Of course it will be reliable and maintainable. If there are tough problems or "late in the game" surprises I can help solve them. Sure, everyone says the same thing but I have many years of experience working with numerous customers on a wide range of systems that were successful.

Phone: 401-683-3181
Email : fred@embeddedfred.com

I can help in all phases of embedded software development including requirements analysis, design, coding, test, optimization, and establishing efficient and repeatable development processes. Embedded operating systems are a specialty -- I've developed dozens of "board support packages" and device drivers. I've been on many "tiger teams" called in late in a project to locate and fix difficult problems.

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